Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

I usually don’t give in very easily to scandalously hyped stuff. I’ve given in maybe a couple of times and much later than expected – Game of Thrones being an example that actually turned out THE show.

Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is probably one of the most hyped things going on right now. Well, I had never watched Black Mirror until now. I know it’s one of the most acclaimed series but I honestly was a little frightened to watch it. Being the main subject the extremist effects technology may have on our lives, I was scared to face the reality and actual state hyper-technological society is nowadays and preferred, until now, to ignore this and not watch it. Despite this, I obviously watched Bandersnatch. Last week, I think.

I must say I was a bit excited because this kind of entertainment had been discussed in one of my classes this semester. One of my lecturers is actually a film director and has several projects like Bandersnatch. So he showed us, students, his last film to hear some feedback. So, this type of show was not new for me – I had also “studied” it prior to this course. Unfortunately, Bandersnatch was a disappointment. It is not THAT interesting and the decisions we take are not THAT volatile, since it kind of “obliges” you to choose one over the other. Many of “wrongful” decisions you take lead you to an immediate not-so-interesting ending and then give you the option to go back and choose the one you haven’t chosen before.

Thus, the type of interactive show is interesting and makes you really want to know how your decisions influence the character, however the dissimulated way to make you choose the path they want you to turns the experience boring and not pleasant to the watcher.

If you have watched Bandersnatch and want to, leave your opinion in the comments!


Ana Teresa

[My] Metamorphosis

For a couple of years now, I always set myself a reading challenge for the upcoming year. This started thanks to the amazing Goodreads. However, I’ve never reached my goal of books to read in a year. There are plenty of reasons for this – spending too much time outside, always having a movie/series to watch, being too tired to read and not fall asleep and always [!!!!] the goddamn addiction to scrolling on social networks – which I’m avidly trying to fight! So, hopefully 2019 will be the year I rock my reading challenge. My goal for the year is fifteen books. Let’s see how it goes.

Besides this, I wanted to mention a piece of work that I’ll never forget.

The last book I read in 2018 was finished on December 30th. It was Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. This is a short story about Gregor, a young adult who once wakes up to his transformation into a cockroach. The short story is considered a classic for many, so you’ve probably read it or heard about it. The beauty behind this novel is that I feel it shows what happens on a daily basis when the people we love/deal with tend to change their attitudes into something we dislike or don’t understand. We tend to put them aside instead of trying to acknowledge why it happened and how we can deal with it or even revert it.

My advice is we all should read this book with a very critical view of our actions towards others.

Here’s a picture of the copy I’ve read [in Portuguese].


Ana Teresa

New beginnings

I’ve always wanted to have a blog.

I love writing and reading, but never thought I could take this idea further. There is no reason why, I just kept killing my desire to create a blog even before starting it. Thus, with the turning of the year and that inevitable feeling you get every new year that all is new, life is beautiful and you feel now is the perfect time to start something from scratch, I made it. I created my blog.

I confess I’m not very able to define this into categories right now, but I know what I want. Mainly inspired by the Instagram page @booksthatmademe, I realized I wanted to have a personal space sharing my ideas about books, movies, tv shows, photography, illustration and art in general.

So here it is. Welcome to my blog! I hope you have a great time around here.

Beatriz’s @booksthatmademe page


Ana Teresa